Friday, 22 June 2012

The Blog "Postcard from my Walk" has restarted. This is my card sent to Robyn and Robyn's Post on the Blog.

Beauty is a Pot Belly PIg

I've always wanted a Pot Belly Pig, so can you imagine my delight when this month's postcard arrived from Bridget...
Pencil, Gouache & Coloured Pencil - Bridget Hunter
Click on image for the big picture.

I've only seen black pot belly pigs before but this one would do Monet proud.  Bridget creates magic with her palette.

This little pig, she says, lives with her friends at Dean Castle Park in Kilmanock.  She (the pig) was a very good model, standing relatively still, snuffling in the mud, while an amorous boar was snuffling ..... well, use your imagination.

This sketch is particularly treasured having come right out of Bridget's sketchbook.  I was pretty pleased with the stamp too!

Thank you Bridget.  I'll treasure my pot belly pig.


  1. Thankyou ! They're such characters. I was told some people keep them as pets!!

  2. I feel very fortunate 'owning' this pig. :)