Tuesday, 10 July 2012

EDM Challenge 2

Draw a Desk Lamp

2B pencil on Cartridge paper

Amazed I found time today as also bought a bike. Forgot how wonderful is that sense of freedom even with a wobble or two and a hard saddle! It's been 46 years since I last rode a bike !!!


  1. Another great drawing! Be careful on that bike! I broke my wrists (yes both of them) two years ago and haven't been allowed on it since! You do know the front brake from the back one? Guess who didn't? Enjoy, I miss it!

  2. That sounds awful - both wrists! My cycling friend fell off her bike yesterday and fractured her elbow. I have been duly warned !

  3. Hi Bridget
    I so much enjoy all of your drawings. Such "honest" and "of the moment" creations.
    Some day I'm going to get a bike and ride again-what fun!!

  4. Thankyou for commenting.Must admit I'm enjoying this challenge. have you tried it? It makes you work.